Andrea's Golden Bowl

Eat some sunshine. 

Breakfast can get boring. Many of us skip the meal altogether or have some redundant on-the-go "food like substance" instead of real fuel each morning.
Even though the warm weather is upon us, I wanted something to comfort my belly and fill me up pre-yoga.
Enter my quick golden bowl recipe. No sugar. No nonsense. 7 ingredients to tasty! Plus Turmeric is a super healing herb that can help with everything from pain control to diabetes to inflammation. Turmeric should be part of your life y'all.

So it's kinda like golden mylk but with a steel cut oats bite and some creamy coconut manna = absolutely divine. I thank a real food goddess and friend Claire for some inspiration on this one and introducing turmeric (and Ayurvedic cooking) to my life!

Happy Saturday and enjoy the sun!

Andrea's Golden Bowl
2c of filtered water, boiling
2/3c of steel cut oats
Fresh grated ginger & turmeric, 1 1/2 inch each
6 dates - your choice, I had a few medrool and barni in the cabinet
Coconut oil (or manna)
1 tbsp Cardamom (one whole green pod, cracked; use teeny black seeds)
1 tbsp + Cinnamon (ground)
More Coconut manna

Serves 2 (small bowls)

Boil water. Grate turmeric and ginger into water. Scrape out the inside of the microplane or grater to get all the goodness in there. Boil for 1 min (water will turn yellow). Remove pits, chops dates. Add oats, half of the dates, black seeds of the cardamom pod and stir, cover and turn to LOW. Simmer for 8min. Now stir every 2min or so (until oats are toothy, not mushy) until water is nearly gone, almost like a yellow goo coating the oats remain. Add 2 tbsp of coconut oil (or manna if you want super creamy or 1 tbsp of each.. your choice) and stir in. Add rest of the dates, ground cinnamon, and if you didn't have a cardamom pod add ground now (or could be omitted). Stir again and let cool so you don't burn your roof of mouth. Top with a little coconut manna or unsweet coconut flakes. Use your favorite spoon and dive in!