Self-Care Week 3

Self-care strategy #3: Create time & make space


I know what you're thinking already, "I don't have time."

But actually, you do. You have to create it. And space - claim it. 


As an entrepreneur I always have an unfinished list..or three or four. 

And I'm old school - I write stuff down (pen and paper) and cross it off (because it feels good) but it drives me bonkers that I never can seem to catch up.  Perhaps I consistently have an unrealistically long list(s)... 

And oh so often I'm all over the place, usually in other people's 'space'. Little routine, lots of locations and always go go go. So creating space often involves me 'claiming' my driver seat, car turned off/parked, for a few minutes (or ten) before I enter my next destination for more go go go, I create time for me.


It is a commitment to self-care and creating time and space that will allow you to find your groove. When we make creating time and space a priority, an absolute non-negotiable, this is when we flourish and notice improved productivity and we have balance. 

We get filled up. 

And remember, this whole self-care thing is founded in 'you can't pour from an empty cup - fill yourself up'.


Now, what fills YOU up may be slightly different than what fills me up.  You must listen to (and give) your body what it needs. This is divine self-care.

I need calm.

I need quiet.

I need sweat.

I need movement.


What do YOU need? 


Time and space for you could have many different forms. For most though, it has foundation in: 

  1. time for some form of reflection/meditation/calm 
  2. time for some form of exercise


So whether you need to....

  • carve out five minutes each morning to have gratitude, set intention, and calmly start your day
  • make sure you take that thirty minute brisk walk over your lunch break 
  • commit to a vigorous forty-five minute sweat-dripping-off-your-body and soul workout have to, because it's what your body needs. It's also what your mind needs to let the things go in your life that are no longer serving you.

Time and space is where you get to receive. And if you're anything like me, we give and give and give - we need this time and space to remember to take from life what it is we truly need.


Self-care is about being conscious enough each day to know what you need.

And I very much think you need soundness of mind and to mindfully move. 






So get creative and start claiming territory (time and space).

Get creative with your surroundings. 

Get creative with your time management.

Get creative with your ability to say NO to those things you don't need and YES to opportunities to get filled up.


This week I encourage you to continue to take care of yourself first, prioritize your needs and bask in the effect self-care will have on your life when you create the time and the space.