7 strange questions

Turns out in early January I was dabbling in the discovery of my life's purpose. The lovely man in my life had sent me an article to read and it intrigued me. I read it three times over and thought long and hard about the 7 strange questions. I especially liked that Mark Manson said, "most of us have no clue what we want to do with our lives" because it made me feel like I was ahead of the curve... right where an overachiever, like me, likes to be. But did I have a clue?

I think this article is an essential read for anyone trying to find a glimpse of themselves, embrace what could be, and then go do it. Launch that catapult already

I realized jotting down my answers to those 7 questions (after rereading them this morning, months later) obviously proved to push me thru and embark on what was next (the Artís collaborative) while making sure I had a good idea of who I was and what I wanted.

All part of the process.

So whether you know your life's purpose (or think you do) or are curious how to get there (or already have it mapped out), its good to visit (and revisit) these 7 strange questions.

And because "bonus points if it involves embarrassing yourself", I've posted my 7 answers from January of this year below.

I encourage you to get your 7 answers on paper and push thru.




Number 1: My fave sh*t-sandwich (what struggle or sacrifice are you willing to tolerate?)

  • Odd/late and "oncall" hours
  • Being under appreciated (when I know it benefits others)

Number 2: Makes my 8 year-old self cry

Number 3: Oops, I forgot to eat!

  • Helping someone improve themselves in an organized way; drafting a step-by-step process for others to accomplish their goal
  • Getting creative in the kitchen 
  • Being outside in nature

Number 4: How can I better embarrass myself (be vulnerable)?

  • Go against the herd. Sure, there aren't masses of docs successfully doing what I want to do. I'm unique and unconventional. 
  • Learn a business and FAIL - lean mean start, fail early and often. Just do it already.
  • Be vulnerable in a relationship - stick my head out there, go on the limb for the right someone.
  • Be foolish (in all areas), do what others dare to do!

Number 5: How will I save the world (make a difference)?

  • Be a doctor who takes care of those no one else will or other docs don't take seriously
  • Go around the broken (healthcare) system
  • Help people navigate health without convention (insurance, pharmaceuticals)
  • Be a role model/mentor to other Docs who don’t want to go with then flow - be a wave maker

Number 6: Passion is a result of ACTION; what would I do all day, everyday?

  • Take more courses, in anything. Learn. Then teach.
  • Sunrise yoga, rock climb, hike, surf, paddle board, play tennis, ski
  • Sing in a band
  • Volunteer with Kids
  • Find/build a teaching kitchen with a garden out back and cook/create all day.

Number 7: If I died a year from today (what would I do?)

  • Travel.
  • Spend time with my nieces/family in beautiful places.
  • Yoga, every damn day.
  • Volunteer in other countries. Doctor the never before doctored.
  • Travel. (Did I say that already?)




To recap (and borrow from Mark one last time), keep this in mind: "discovering one’s 'purpose' in life essentially boils down to finding those one or two things that are bigger than yourself, and bigger than those around you." So remove yourself from your hiding spot behind that iPhone screen and go find your purpose and do it!