Crutches & Catapults

Its takes a hearty dose of nonsense to realize the things in our life that are keeping us from our potential (we all have unlimited potential).

I personally am no nonsense. Ask anyone who knows me well. But nonsense can creep up on ya and before you know it... you're cornered.

And sometimes there seems to be no way to escape it. 

It has you stuck and the only place you can look is within to see how the hell you got there... the nonsensical situation at hand

So I went within.

And what I found were crutches and catapults.  Until recently, I had been choosing to lean on a crutch for 'comfort' and 'safety' and didn't even see the catapult covered in cobwebs over in the corner waiting on me to jump in and take flight. 

Sure, you may think you have to have the catapult ready, aiming just perfectly into the direction of your dreams, with plenty of potential energy to launch you into your next chapter, next life. But really, when you choose the catapult, you choose to FLY. You are an object in motion.

The trick is realizing when we've been using crutches for awhile.  Stagnant. Standing up, some days even standing tall (those are the 'good days'), but having difficulty with the whole 'moving forward' part. And so far from a catapult ride that we'd forgotten what it even felt like to soar near the sun.

I've been reading a lot about limiting belief lately. Limiting belief is when you are still using the crutches even after you've healed. It's your thoughts (that become words, that then become actions) that keep you down, on the ground. Far from a catapult which flings you thru the air, hair flying and heart racing, toward that thing you want but don't realize you can get... if you would just drop the crutches!!


My crutches? I'll give you a few:

"I have to put up with nonsense."

"I have to always finish something I start."

"I have to follow the rules."


My catapults... I've become more acquainted.

I fly when I hop on board with community, connectedness, and creativity. 


No one ever got anywhere alone, cornered by nonsense, abiding by the status quo.

Dare to seek out your catapults and throw your crutches to the wayside.

You'll find your way (and your potential to soar) quite quickly.